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My interest is the maritime history & early exploration & of Torres Strait & Cape York. Comments are based on written records & information provided to me during conversation with indigenous & long-term non-indigenous residents. Some of the written versions differ from the verbal & official accounts.
I refrain from commenting on matters purely indigenous as it is my personal view that verbal indigenous history is only for indigenous people to comment on in detail. Information provided to me by non-indigenous & indigenous informants might attract disagreement & I am fully prepared to rectify the information if proven incorrect.
Some of the comments are based on personal conversations with people no longer alive & residents who moved away over the years since my first arrival in August 1978. Some of the photos shown have been provided by people no longer with us.
In the event of unintended offence, genuine or opportunistic indignation, it should be taken into consideration that my time in the area goes back before the advent of political correctness.
I refrain from sanitising personal experiences & information provided to me.
The main aim of this site is to share the unique natural beauty of the region & provide some enlightenment on a turbulent past with a genuine focus on being as authentic as possible.

Hubert Hofer

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