NORTHPIC - Hubert Hofer

Northern Cape York Peninsula Area

Locally referred to as 'The NPA', Injinoo, Umagico, New Mapoon, Seisia & Bamaga are the five communities making up the combined Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander population of 2500 in the NPA.
Every year since the early 1970's, many tourists visit the area to see & stand at the 'Tip' (Cape York).
During WW2 (Bamaga, now Injinoo Airport) Higginsfield was a bomber base & there was a Radar station at Muttee Head.
On the eastern shore of the NPA is the site of the former settlement of Somerset. Initially, Somerset was to be a harbour of refuge for shipwreck survivors but soon it was envisaged to become a northern centre of commerce. Quite understandably, the local Aboriginals had different views & values & eventually convinced the British orientated southern officials to abandon the idea of this Queensland Singapore of the South.

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