NORTHPIC - Hubert Hofer

Kubin (Kubinu)

Kubin village on the south-eastern side of Moa.
There is a war plane resting on the reef flat (centre left) but I have not been able to establish it's identity. It has radial engines with a 3-blade variable pitch propeller. There are two gun barrels protruding about 16" (400) mm, one each side of the nose of the aircraft. Only the main spar remains, there is no fuselage. I believe it is a Lockheed Ventura. There was a machine gun magazine each side of the Pilot seat with 0.50 cal allied incl. australian ammunition.
A RAAF Lockheed Ventura A59-83 is reported as having ditched on a reef some nine miles from this location. It is highly probable that the crew had more pressing issues than precise co-ordinates in those last moments on the wing.
One of the propellers was blown off many years ago & put on display in the village.
Thanks to Manual Namoa for showing me the wreck & diving it with me back in 1983.

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